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Create. Destroy. Two simple words that sit at the heart of everything we do.


Tommy hilfiger x coca cola



“it always seems impossible until it’s done.” - Nelson mandela


s7 airlines visit earth 

Wieden + Kennedy

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bijenkorf winter fashion

The renowned international photographer Nadav Kander was brought through our talent arm at Operator Studios and we handled the full production of this fashion collection for Bijenkorf. Sometimes things are just meant to be together.


Ewan McGregor

Khanna\Reidinga and McCann Worldgroup enlisted Hollywood actor Ewan McGregor for a light-hearted spot to accompany the rebranding of ING to NN. Everyone’s favourite scottish former Jedi was so sold on the power of ‘N’ to the power of two he re-brand himself as ‘Ewann’ just to help everyone remember. Which was nnice. A true gennt.

intersport Nike epic react flyknit 2

Harriman Steel

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karwei ‘weg met saaie tuinen’

Gardens are boring, right? Guess again. Operator took the script and reduced it to the one-take of the final piece working with agency Isobar.

popcorn brain christmas party

2019 is not just about the projects we're working on, but also the way we work on them. 2019 will be our first carbon neutral year of filmmaking! Our clients won't notice the change, but the environment will.


Whether it's campaigns, activations, commercials or a simple GIF, a great story is a great story. We can lead the way or we can be a powerful running mate. 


Corona paradise centraal

Wieden + Kennedy


ecodenta super+natural

With our umbrella Super+Natural Oral Care, we are not afraid to show our teeth, look for controversy and go where no other Oral Care company has gone.


‘ADNIGHT is an easy and convenient way to discover different marketing and communication specialists and solutions in just one night. A great way for marketeers and industry peers to keep up and learn about new possibilities. And for talent to meet and mingle.’

We opened our office and soul to that mingling and it turned out to be a great night full of paintball guns, lasers and a few alcoholic refreshments here and there.


All that matters is making great work we're proud of with people we're proud to make it with. We are Popcorn Brain.


pluk de nacht

Screenshot 2019-02-14 at 14.44.16.png growing together

We travelled to the beautiful portuguese countryside to shoot this elegant film for from a script by their internal agency to show how the company is transforming for the future.


A breath of cold air and a walk in the wilderness infuse this spot for Hi-tec throwing up some interesting production challenges along the way, all of which were handled beautifully by the team here.

Abovo Media

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it’s cider time

Heineken’s cider division outgrows their competition in any metric, that’s right you read that right: cider!

s7 airlines The imagination machine.

tempo-team die heeft er zin in!


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Pool tomtom april fool’s

Popcorn Brain