wieden + kennedy

s7 airlines visit earth

What better way to make planet Earth interesting to her inhabitants than advertising the planet to extraterrestrial life? Through a genre-bending campaign consisting of 6 episodes celebrating nature, food, sports, art, parties, and love we reminded everyone how exciting life on our planet actually is when looked at from a fresh perspective.

We shot this campaign over the course of six weeks on some of the most breathtaking locations on our blue oblate spheroid: Spain, Thailand, Italy, Japan, and of course, in Russia. The project was shot in collaboration with the young Canadian director, Mackenzie Sheppard, winner of the Young Director Awards, at the Cannes Film Festival in 2016 and cinematographer Ian Avery Holliday.

TV, cinema, social, OOH, radio and digital activations, drove over 35 million Russians to an online hub where they could watch the episodes and also become ‘Earth Ambassadors’ and create travel guides for aliens to be in to win airline tickets. To actually invite aliens to Earth, the episodes were also beamed into space with a RT 7.5 radio telescope and a specially developed transmitter. The signal is expected to reach exoplanet Gliese 581c in 20 years.